Guide to Denim Inseams

Guide to Denim Inseams

In our unending pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans, we firmly believe that knowledge is power.

Enter our denim guide - your ultimate destination for how to choose the perfect inseam for the style of jean.

Yup, we're talking about the nitty-gritty technicalities.

Let's start with the inseam, shall we? What in the world does it mean, and how should you rock it with confidence? Fear not, we've got you covered!


Could you explain the meaning of "inseam" to me, please?

The inseam is the measurement from the base of your zipper (or crotch) to the bottom of your leg opening. Knowing your inseam is crucial for understanding your preferred fit when it comes to jeans! Do you prefer ankle-length for your skinny jeans? Or perhaps floor-length flares are more your style? Here's a straightforward guide to help you grasp the concept of denim inseams.

Please find below a concise overview of inseam lengths for different types of jeans.

guide to denim inseasms

How Skinny Jeans Should Fit

Skinny jeans can be worn one of two ways.

  1. If you prefer them to hit at the ankle, choose a shorter inseam.
  2. If you like them to bunch at the ankle, choose an inseam a touch longer in relation to your height.

Either way, you can pair your skinny jeans with booties for an effortless, casual look.

inseam of skinny jeans


How Straight Leg Jeans Should Fit

Straight jeans are known for their universal fit & versatility—they’re the more approachable cousin to a skinny silhouette!

A classic straight leg breaks right at your ankle—anything too long might cause extra bulk around the ankle which means a heel is required!

straight leg jeans inseam guide



How Capri or Crop Jeans Should Fit

Looking to show off your legs? Capri jeans are the perfect choice. They boast a slim fit and reveal more than just your ankles (we'll discuss ankle jeans later).

Capri jeans typically reach 3-4 inches above your ankle bone, creating a stylish look. We adore wearing them with summer sandals or pumps.

inseam for crop jeans


How Ankle Jeans Should Fit

Are you looking to show off a bit of leg without going overboard? Look no further than ankle jeans. They strike the perfect balance between casual and professional, easily transitioning from weekend wear to a relaxed yet stylish option for casual Fridays at work.

With their length landing about 1-3 inches above your ankle, they are the ideal choice to pair with ankle booties.


ankle jeans inseam


How Boyfriend Jeans Should Fit

Want add some relaxed vibes to your denim game? Embrace the comfort and spaciousness of boyfriend jeans. These jeans are perfect for a casual-chic look when cuffed, giving an effortless touch. Keep it refined with block heels or go for a laid-back feel with trendy sneakers, all while flaunting your ankles. Enjoy the versatility and style of boyfriend jeans!


boyfriend jeans inseam


How Bootcut & Flare Jeans Should Fit

Flare and bootcut jeans feature a pronounced leg opening, necessitating added length to avoid the awkward scenario of the widest portion of the jean hitting the ankle. Typically, these styles require heels and should gracefully touch the floor, regardless of one's height. We adore flare and bootcut jeans for their ability to flatter the body and create a slimming effect. 


bootcut flare jeans inseam

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