Judy Blue Jeans Size Chart

Judy Blue Jeans SizingJudy Blue Size Chart

While this is an overview size chart - the exact measurement of each garment is included in the item description. 

If you are new to boutique women’s odd denim sizing, you are going to take your highest even size in a store and subtract 1 (note, this is NOT sizing down, this is your true BYB denim size).

For example, if you are a 10 in a store, your true BYB denim size is a 9.  If you are a 12 in a store, your true size is an 11.   If you can wear two even sizes depending on the store, your true size is in the middle.  For example, if you are sometimes a 14 and sometimes a 12, your true size is a 13.

Curvy (14w-24w): Your true BYB denim size is the even size below your store size. For example, if you are an 18w in a store, your true BYB denim size is a 16w.

**please read sizes carefully**


Judy Blue Jean Shorts Sizing

S: 2-4⁠
M: 6-8⁠
L: 10-12⁠
XL: 13-15⁠
1XL: 14W-16w⁠
2XL: 18-20w⁠
3XL: 22W⁠