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If you have a cool complexion with light and muted tones, then welcome to the Summer Color Season club!

We've got just the clothes for you. Our boutique womens clothing is designed to make you look gentle and delicate while still keeping you chic and stylish.

I've scoured the internet to find some of the most fabulous clothing options that will flatter your delicate appearances.

So why wait? It's time to refresh your wardrobe with our amazing Summer Color Season Collection!

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Light Summer Color Season

As a Light Summer, get ready to step into the light!

This season brings together cool tones that flow effortlessly from spring right into your wardrobe.

With a neutral-cool tint, you can glam up without feeling too bright.

So grab some of these less saturated shades and embrace the low contrast look as you transition seasons!

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True Summer Color Season

True Summers offer the perfect balance between cool and muted tones.

The coolest season of the summer is defined by its lack of warmth, with gentle coolness taking its place instead - no frosty feelings here!

Gone are the blazing hues and fiery palettes, now replaced by cool muted tones.

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Soft Summer Color Season

Soft Summers cozy-up for the transitional season!

This color season is muted and cool, like a gentle Autumn breeze that tints skin, hair & eyes in neutral-cool tones.

Soft Summers have a beautiful blend of tones which keep their style subtle yet eye catching - think greys with just enough hint at summer for an effortlessly luxurious glow.

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